Apple Pie? Sure!

I don’t know too many folks that don’t appreciate pie, and specifically the American favorite Apple Pie.  For me i love pie in general, and of course pie goes great during family get togethers or holidays. Well here at KWAD, we’ve been know to get spoiled by our listeners from time to time, and what’s really cool about that, is usually it happens at a time that we least expect it.

So this past Monday, one of our listeners came up here with not one, but three of his world famous homemade from scratch Apple Pies. Jackpot.

Thanks to Donny from Scotty’s Upholstery in Henning, he’s the king of pies! And for me it’s extra cool, because we both have a love of the classic traditional country tunes. It’s always great when we can connect with our listeners, but it’s extra special when we can have a great conversation about country music over a shared piece of apple pie. Grandma would be jealous!

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