I Got To Play At Target Field!

The Minnesota Twins held their annual Affiliate Day at Target Field on Monday and I got spend the day playing ball and hanging with two of the greats.

I think the easiest way to do this will be to post a picture and let you know what was going down. So here we go!

The day started by checking in via the Champions Club and meeting in the visitor’s clubhouse. We got a nice welcome from the Twins and were lead out to the field through the visitor dugout on the third base line. The grounds crew was busy getting the field ready for a bunch of hacks like us to tear it up.

We broke up into groups and worked our way around Target Field. I was in the Blue group and we started with a little BP in the cage and Kent Hrbek supervising. One bunt. Six cuts. I still got it in case you’re wondering. We’re talking bloopers in the infield. Lazy fly balls to left. Weak groundouts to the pitcher. I was in truly in rare form. I think ol’ Hrbek was pretty impressed.

After batting practice we meandered out to right field for fly balls. I chickened out on the warning track twice. Didn’t want to pull a Buxton and hurt myself crashing into the wall.

From right field we made our way to the bullpen. Terry Steinbach was hanging out with his ’89 World Series ring and big smile and before we were completely in the bullpen he looked at us and said “Well… what should we talk about?” The BP was great. Shagging fly balls was fun. Having Terry Steinbach tell stories was the single greatest part of the entire day.

Our fourth stop of the day was in left field for more fly balls, ground balls, and avoiding lasers from the group in the cage.

Our final session of the day was with Clyde The Guide. He is the only full-time curator in MLB and got his start with Calvin Griffith. The first picture is on the steps of the Twins dugout on the first base line. The second picture is the final home jersey Joe Mauer wore, when he caught for the final time. The #71 jersey is the first Twins Joe Mauer jersey- his signing day jersey.

No contracts were offered that day which is why I’ve been back at work all week but man was this fun!

By the way, the Twins got one action pic of me. Here I am looking very coordinated shagging fly balls in right field.

Photo Credit: Minnesota Twins



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