No Travel Advisory For Wadena County

The Wadena County Sheriff’s Office has issued a “No travel” advisory for Wadena County.

In an email press release, the sheriff’s office said, “This winter snowstorm is no joke!”

Authorities stressed that if “no travel” advisories are issued, you should follow them.  If you do drive, make sure your winter survival kit contains items that will keep you safe for several hours.

Some other tips:

  • Pay attention to the forecast and road conditions.
  • If a main highway is closed, do not follow GPS directions to the side roads, where conditions will be worse.
  • Don’t travel at night. It is more difficult to conduct rescue operations in the dark.

“This winter snowstorm is no joke!”

Wadena County Sheriff’s Office

Joe Kelly, director of the Minnesota Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, said that HSEM staff will be monitoring conditions over the weekend and reaching out to county emergency managers if there are any requests for state assistance.

More about survival in your vehicle is available at the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.


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