No WE Fest In 2020!

Good news, bad news for WE Fest.

Back on August 9, I wrote that there were questions regarding the future of WE Fest in Detroit Lakes.

At that time, the biggest questions were…”Would WE Fest Continue?” and “Will WE Fest Move Out Of DL?”

But at the end of the story, I wrote, “It sounds like WE Fest is committed to take place in DL in 2020.”

Not so fast.

A post on the We Fest Facebook page Monday said,

“Our goal is to continue to honor and build upon this special event. In order to do the best possible job we can, we will be using 2020 as a planning year. We are excited to continue the tradition and bring an even bigger and better festival to country music fans in the summer of 2021. We look forward to seeing you then!”

So the good news for WE Fest fans and the Detroit Lakes community, is that it sounds like there will be a another festival in DL.

The bad news is, you’ll just have to wait two years for it to happen.

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