Road Construction Through Wadena… It’s Really Happening!

Sure, it’s not four lane traffic but hey, it sure beats driving over the Midwest’s version of the San Andreas fault in the form of potholes!

MNDOT announced yesterday their road construction plans for the upcoming spring and summer. There are 76 projects for the metro, 20 projects for northwest Minnesota, and 27 projects for central Minnesota, including Highway 10 through Wadena.

The summary of the work looks like this:

  • Widen and reconstruct Hwy 10 in Wadena from east of Birch Ave NW to east of Wadena CR 4, includes the Hwy 10 intersection at Hwy 71
  • Improve access and traffic flow, includes a concrete median and widened shoulders
  • Upgrade pedestrian sidewalks and approaches
  • Upgrade storm sewers and install new LED street lighting
  • Replace the signal systems at Second St W and Hwy 71
  • Upgrade the railroad crossings on Hwy 71 and Second St W

See the entire MNDOT plan HERE because the work begins in May already!

Honestly, I can’t believe it’s happening. I moved here just over six years ago and have been told this was going to happen on what was maybe my fourth day ever in this town. Let’s go, people!

(Side note: may God have mercy on our souls and patience during WEFest)

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