Rocco Baldelli: AL Manager Of The Year

Twins manager Rocco Baldelli was named the American League Manager of the Year yesterday.

I grew up in a household of coaches. It’s my tendency to trust coaches and give them the benefit of the doubt. 

Players need love. And sometimes that love needs to be of the tough variety. Sometimes they need to yell and discipline and be unpleasant but…

There’s never a reason to be a jerk. Disciplining and being a bridge troll are two entirely different things. You can discipline and not be demonstrative.

*A quick tangent- It’s my favorite quality of PJ Fleck. That dude is the most positive person on Earth in a world where coaches are stereotypically asses. I really appreciate that about him.

Rocco seems to get it. Talk to the players. Take a genuine interest in them as a human. Not because it will give you a competitive edge but because it’s important to have empathy. The perk is that it will give you an edge. Players will care because they’re cared about.

Just listen to this picture perfect response Rocco gives when asked about his players:

I’m not saying the Twins will win 101 games again next year or hit 300 plus homeruns or even have a good season, but I do know they’re in good hands.

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