This Is Rock Country

You can drive around central Minnesota and see what many area farmers have to deal with when it comes to an endless supply of rocks.

I feel for all of our farmers.  When my wife and I bought our amazing property that we call home a few years ago, I noticed that some of the area farmers have to deal with this problem every single year.  It raises hell on the equipment, it costs money to repair equipment, and it takes time to deal with these rocks, some of which are the size of a small vehicle.

As we started mapping out what we need to mow and keep looking good at our place, rocks also have been an issue.  I’ve had enough.  We all have that one friend right? Well turns out my friend Jon Grenier has a cool little tractor with a back hoe, and he offered (with a little prying by me) to come over and clean up some of the rocks I continue to hit with our lawn equipment.  However once you start digging, beware, because where there is one, there are likely many.

Jon got the rocks above ground, the real work was taking our tractor and hauling them to an undisclosed location.  Job complete for now, I’m sure next year more rocks will sprout.

( Pictured: Jon Grenier with his handy toy)