WDC Parade Of Graduates

Wadena-Deer Creek will host a “Parade of Graduates” for the Class of 2020.

Following the commencement, the community will be asked to help honor and celebrate the graduates.

Here is the note from WDC Activities Director Norm Gallant:

Hi Everyone-

I have worked with the Wadena PD and we will run a “Parade of Graduates” so they can be honored after Graduation. Our Goal is to give the community a chance to see and honor our grads after the ceremony. As I have developed this plan, I am doing my best to least disrupt traffic but still give plenty of space for our community to come out and see and honor the kids.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, which we expect to be between 7:45-8:00 PM, Officer Grabe will lead the 60 graduate vehicles South out of the Airport on Co. Rd. 77 across Highway 29 onto 610th Ave. The procession will continue South to 320th Ave and proceed East into SW Wadena. (This is the “Toby’s Hill” Road). The procession will then turn North on 2nd Street SW past the East side of the Elementary School, turn left (West) on Bryant Ave. to the High School. The Parade will turn North on 5th Street to Community Center Drive and to the Football Lot, where we will follow the path of the “Reverse Parade.” At the conclusion of the parade through the Lot, students will continue out and to their individual homes. 

We encourage the community to line the route in their vehicles or in their yards, practicing social distancing, to honk, wave, and honor our seniors as they go by. Utilize the football lot by backing into spots, as the staff did, and staying in your vehicles and honking/waving at the kids. At no time should anyone leave their vehicles at the parking lot. 

We want to appropriately honor this class and give them the best sendoff in the history of WDC. Listen to the ceremony on 920 AM starting at 7 PM for a good idea of when the parade will start.”

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